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Worried about G.S.Paper-IV (Ethics and Integrity)? You can find some help here.

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Why Psychology ?

Psychology is something that ALL of us know implicitly and we all use that knowledge of psychology intuitively. The formal study of psychology helps us to structure that implicit knowledge thus, giving us a great insight about ourselves. It also help us to use that knowledge much more productively and efficiently.

For UPSC, Psychology has always been a very important subject. Now, its importance has further been emphacised by including some very useful portions of psychology as in important part of GS (accounting for about 150 marks)...


Why With Us ?

PSYCHOLOGY for UPSC is a site devoted to the needs of all those who are interested in knowing and understanding the beauty of Psychology. In particular, we aims to cater to the needs of UPSC aspirants.


Our Result:

  • Alagu Varsini V S (Rank 77)
  • Ravi Kr Singh (Rank 130)
  • Himanshu Sharma (Rank: 49)
  • Vivek Yadav (Rank: 27)
  • Chandan Kumar (Rank: 195)
  • Surender Kr Adhana (Rank: 237)
  • Meenu Singh Bisht (Rank: 350)
  • Sunil Kumar Meena (Rank: 839)


Our Classroom Program:

We will be conduct a comprehensive Classroom program for IAS mains, 2012 at its centers at Dr. Mukherjee Nagar and Old Rajendra Nagar at Alok Ranjan's IAS....


Our Test Series:

We will conduct a series of 12 tests on the pattern of UPSC mains. Out of these tests, 4 tests will be from Paper-I consisting of different chapters, 4 Tests will be from Paper-II consisting of various chapters.....


Psychology for GS-IV: Ethics and Integrity !

As you know, UPSC has brought about some very far-reaching changes in the pattern of the UPSC exam, with both the scope and importance of General Studies having increased manifold. One of the most useful, long overdue and welcome change is the incoporation of some very relevant part of psychology as a part of the GS Paper IV.......


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